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Premium Bamboo Eco-Friendly Diapers

Natural, hypoallergenic, soft diapers for your baby

Our premium bamboo diapers are blowout-proof, super absorbent, sensitive skin safe, eco friendly and non toxic. Also, we donate!


We also offer our diapers for subscription ($92/subscription fulfillment)!

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Natural baby diapers made with healthy and safe ingredients

Bamboo fiber

This is the material that makes direct contact with your baby’s skin.

Fluff Pulp

TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) and made from U.S. virgin wood.

Soft Elastic Leg

And waistband + a 3M velcro tape hold everything in where it should stay.

Nonwoven BASF

German technology with advanced absorbency, strength and sterility.

Eco friendly diapers sourced from bamboo

Bamboo diapers are recommended by leading dermatologists, being that bamboo is a naturally anti-bacterial, deodorizing, breathable and super-absorbent fiber. This renewable silky-soft wonder fiber is naturally moisture wicking and thermal regulating to keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable 24/7.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant. When harvested it does not die off, but grows again. It also produces 35% more oxygen than conventional trees. It’s an infinite resource that does not cause garbage, but can be completely biodegraded.

*No harmful chemical pesticides are used to treat our bamboo

Get your bamboo diapers today

Why are Believe’s natural bamboo diapers good for your baby?


Responsibly sourced materials to keep people and planet safe.

Super Absorbent

Natural wicking action keeps the wetness away, while the wetness indicator keeps you from guessing.

Soft & Comfy

Made from the softest, natural materials. We went out of our way to create the best fit for your baby.


Free from harmful chemicals and additives. No chlorine, latex, alcohol, PVCs, lotions or phthalates.

Baby on a Believe Diapers box

We tested it, and now thousands of babies are proof of it!

Believe’s super soft diapers are proven to keep your baby’s skin healthy, while reducing the chance of unwanted diaper rash and itchy eczema.

By using only natural ingredients, parents and babies are now having happier days and more peaceful nights knowing that our diapers are chemical free.

Give your baby a healthy diaper

Premium, smart diapers built for newborn babies, experienced toddlers, and everyone in-between!

Belly Button Cutout

Comfortable cutout design to avoid irritation on newborns.

Wetness Indicator

No more guessing! A vertical blue line means it's time for a change.

Believe diaper
Let them have it!
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1 for 1 Diaper Matching

1 in 3 U.S. families suffer from diaper need, struggling to afford this basic need

We started Believe Diapers because we want to help! Every 41 seconds a child is born into poverty in the U.S. It’s not their fault, and they need us. That is why we donate a Believe Diaper to a U.S. family in need for every one you buy.

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