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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve noticed a lot of eco-friendly diaper companies do not provide a comprehensive list of materials used in their diapers. Would you be willing to do so?

Of course we’d be willing, we are proud of our ingredients! Here is everything that goes into making Believe Diaper.

  • Bamboo fiber. This is the material that is going to be directly in contact with your baby’s skin, and we assure you that there have been no harmful chemical pesticides used to treat the bamboo.
  • Fluff Pulp. TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) and made from U.S. virgin wood.
  • Soft elastic leg and waistband. Holding everything in where it should stay!
  • Nonwoven BASF. German technology provides advanced absorbency, resilience, strength and sterility.
  • 3M Velcro tape.


I see a lot of disposable diapers, including yours, use something called SAP. What is it?

SAP, or super absorbent polymers, are particles that work as tiny little sponges that bond and hold onto large amounts of liquid when soaked in water. SAP is commonly used in diapers to help with moisture absorption. Believe Diapers uses a very high-quality type of SAP, which is totally safe and non-toxic, and we only use a minimal amount. 


Where are your diapers made?

Our diapers are made in China, the largest producer of bamboo in the world. We chose China because the farming of bamboo is strictly regulated to avoid over-harvesting.


Many diapers still contain petrochemicals and other potentially dangerous substances. I’m concerned because my baby has very sensitive skin. Would you still recommend Believe Diaper?

Yes! Believe Diaper is free of any harmful chemicals, preservatives and additives. Our diapers are made from bamboo, which is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and odor resistant. They are guaranteed 100% chlorine free, contain no alcohol or preservatives, and are free of phthalates, latex, PVC, TBT and antioxidants. 


What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted within 90 days of your date of purchase for orders placed on believediapers.comMerchandise returns will only be accepted unopened in original packaging. Customer is responsible for all return shipping and handling fees. Once we receive your returned item(s), we will process your refund onto your original form of payment. Shipping and handling fees will not be refunded. Please allow 7-10 business days from receipt of your returned item(s) for your refund. All sales to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and APO/FPO addresses are final. To initiate a return, please email us at Please make sure to include your order number in the email.


How do I reschedule my upcoming shipment to an earlier or later date?

You can change your shipment date by following these steps:

  1. Login to your subscription at
  2. Click the "Reschedule" button on your Upcoming Shipment.
  3. Choose the date you'd like your next shipment to process.
  4. Your account will process on the day you choose, and the next shipment will ship out the next business day. It then typically takes 2-4 business days to deliver, depending on your location.
  5. Your subscription will then rollover from that date based on your chosen delivery frequency on the subscription. (ex. 2 weeks later, 4 weeks later, etc.)

How do I update the diaper size in my subscription?

  1. First navigate to My Account and click the "Manage Your Subscription" button.
  2. Your subscription details should automatically appear. (If not, try finding your active subscription and click “Show details” at the bottom of it).
  3. Scroll down to the “Products in my subscription” dropdown and click to expand.
  4. Next, click the “Swap product” link, select the new size and then hit “Select product”. A browser dialog will appear asking you to confirm your change.
  5. Once you do, it will show a confirmation message indicating you have successfully changed the product in your subscription.

If you are still having issues, please reach out to us at

Still have questions? Get in touch!

Email us at for answers to any other questions you may have.

Mother and Baby with eco-friendly diaper
Baby in eco friendly diaper