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The Believe Promise

My baby is awesome, beautiful, a miracle and deserves the best,” said every parent in history (including me and you). So they deserve the best diaper. We chose viscose fibers made from Bamboo because they're soft, odorless and breathable. For parents like me and you, that means less gross stuff touches our baby, they get less diaper rashes and it is less stinky.



When we looked into building a better diaper we also wanted to have a positive impact on the planet. We picked Bamboo viscose, not only because it is softer, but also because we can source it responsibly. It grows fast, requires no fertilizers and we can process it with less chemicals. We also wanted to make sure diapers can be disposed of responsibly. Are they perfect -- no. But every little bit counts in helping us all diaper thoughtfully.



Based on the age of the baby, parents spend up to $100 a month on diapers. With coupon clipping, Facebook likes and Instagram follows you will get the occasional deal, but when you run out and need them at 1am in the morning, you are spending top dollar at the corner store. With our subscription, you will never run out and never have too many--all for less than you would pay in the store for premium diapers. You can even reschedule anytime for ultimate flexibility.